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We can assist you in several legal situations; contact us for more details

A R E A S   O F   P R A C T I C E


Our vast experience and expertise allow us to provide you the best and most accurate legal counsel, 
so no matter the area of law, our service will bring a suitable solution and the reassurance you need.

+ Corporate Law

Companies are constantly exposed to legal situations in their daily operations; so any corporate transaction should include a specific and extensive legal strategy which promotes the attainment of your company's goals.

At our firm, we provide comprehensive legal advice in order to support you in all legal aspects regarding the creation, construction, organization, and functioning of your partnership.

Any legal incorporation involves multiple obligations. Our expertise in this area allows us to offer the corporate restructuring you need, such as management and improvement of handbooks, regulations, policies, and procedures to achieve greater control and presence of your company.

In addition to our corporate services, we offer a wide variety of resources: from contracts or agreements, to minutes of meetings, mergers, purchases, conversions and dissolutions, allowing you to establish a competitive, long-term relationship with your business partners.

+ Counseling & Litigation

Business opportunities increase as societies grow, triggering inevitable risks and disputes. Our firm will provide you with the proper assistance to assess your operations in order to anticipate any legal situation that may arise.

When litigation is necessary, we can help you establish the best legal strategy, from the initial analysis to the final legal implementation, by entering into a cause of action (lawsuit) or legal defense, allowing us to produce a favorable resolution to the case.

Our main goal will always be the protection and defense of your interests; thus, we will also seek to solve your conflict at an early stage and with a positive outcome for you through mediation or arbitration.

Our firm is highly skilled in the constitutional procedure known as Amparo, which aims to protect human rights under the Mexican constitution and international treaties. We will ensure your protection against acts performed by any authority which violate your rights .

+ Real Estate

Real estate and infrastructure activities in modern society are complex, expensive and imply several risks. So, a wide businesses knowledge, together with an efficient legal support that provides you a legal certainty in your actions, is essential

By understanding the difficulties that may exist in the real estate sector, our firm offers comprehensive services including all matters related to the purchase, sale, lease, and mortgage; either for personal use or investment.

We can provide support in real estate transactions within the residential, commercial and tourism sectors. Additionally, we offer various services, including the development of condominium ownership and timeshares, the development of major real estate projects with their adequate studies, land use, environmental permits, and the management of procedures to transform the ejido property into private property.

Land Law (Ejidos)

  • Land restitution.
  • Title resolutions involving Ejidos.
  • Invalid resolutions affecting real property.
  • Legalization and notarizing of real property lacking proper documentation.

Civil Law

  • Civil Trials such as:
    - Judicial foreclosure.
    - Invalid legal actions.
    - Title resolutions.
    - Adverse possession.
    - Contract-related lawsuits.
    - Torts.

Commercial Law 

  • Business Law services: (NPO, LLC or Partnership) and bankruptcy cases.
  • Collection of promissory notes, checks, debts and loans.
  • Document preparation to claim commercial debts.

Family Law

  • Divorces.
  • Last will and testaments.
  • Child custody.
  • Child support.
  • Termination of parental authority.
  • Adoptions.

Criminal Law

  • Assistance to prosecutors.
  • Criminal Defense.
  • Legal advice on possible crime scenarios.

Intellectual Property

  • Patent and trademark licensing.
  • Patent and trademark trials.
  • Appeals against decisions of authorities.
  • Unfair competition.

Counseling for New Entrepreneurs

  • Legal support aimed to start, build, defend or sell your business.
  • Manage the formalities to obtain your certificate of incorporation.
  • Defend and pursue claims and lawsuits against your business.

Mediations and Closures 

  • Advice on the elaboration of contracts until drafting a final contract that will ensure the protection of your rights and interests in the future.
  • Settlement between parties before or during a dispute in order to avoid its extension to court litigation.

Advisory for Developments

  • Trusts.
  • Zoning / Land use.
  • Management of construction licenses and authorizations.

Administrative Law

  • Appeal against government for individual or collective violations.
  • Obtention of diverse permits.
  • License management at public agencies.

Labor Law

  • Employment contracts.
  • Employee handbooks and company policies and procedures.
  • Legal defense in employment courts.


  • Advice on the immigration status of your employees.
  • Help with your immigration status.
  • General guidance on administrative formalities.